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When I go traveling for a weekend, I tend to pack light. I bring the few clothes I need, my computer to do some writing, a couple of cords for charging and I get on my way.

Stitch Golf already made a great, multi-purpose carry-on weekend bag, but they’re taking the concept a step further with the new Birdie Bag.

The Birdie Bag can be any of three types of bags: a carry-on perfect for a weekend, a workbag that can hold everything you need to get your office work done and a cooler bag that is perfect for the course.

There are removable inserts for each purpose, which makes swapping out and cleaning up simple, including a cooler insert for keeping items cold for up to 24 hours and a work insert that has storage space for a laptop or reading materials. The inserts can be removed by lifting handles on the sides and inserted by sliding the inserts into magnets designed to hold them in place.

If the Birdie Bag is to act as a small duffle, then the inserts aren’t needed. The back of the bag can be unzipped for easy access and packing. Pockets on the sides offer additional storage, while a backpack-style design allows for easy transportation.

The Stitch Golf Birdie Bag is now available for $298.

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By: Golf News Net
Title: Stitch Golf’s Birdie Bag transforms from backpack to carry-on to on-course cooler
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Published Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 20:02:17 +0000



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