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ProAirGrip Golf Gloves

Hit The Ball Farther, Straighter & More Consistently

Pro Air Grip Golf Gloves Will Help Improve Your Game Immediately!

The ProAirGrip Golf Glove – High
Performance In The Palm of Your Hand

pro air grip golf gloves


pro air grip golf gloves

The Pro Air Grip glove is the innovation of Kelley Peregoy, a golf instructor in Dunn, North Carolina. He invented The Pro Air Grip glove concept one day while he was teaching a student who could not keep from over-gripping his club. As a result, his drives were errant and short.


Kelley realized that he could solve this problem by inventing a golf glove, lined with tiny air pockets that would soften his student’s grip.


The student’s game was vastly improved, and Kelley realized he had improved upon a product that had remained unchanged for the last 25 years.


We believe in making an exceptional product that exceeds our customer’s expectations. That’s why every glove comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Everything I hit was solid!! Played with the glove today for 1st time hit balls at the range and everything I hit was solid so confident when started my round put up a good number on front nine played with my regular glove on the back and first tee shot was 1 fairway over on the right. I knew then and there it was the glove that was helping me keep it straight plus could feel that grip pressure was different when wearing your glove. Needless to say didn’t play that well so I am a believer in the Air Glove. Now have 3 to use and will probably buy more in the future. Thank you!!

Mary Z

I am now a Lifetime Customer! I purchased the ProAirGrip golf glove hoping they would last longer than my current glove. To my surprise they not only last longer, but they have also made a difference in scoring. I have gone from a mid 80’s scores to low to mid 70’s scores. This actually happened from the first day wearing the glove. Another benefit is that it has yet to make a hole in the palm portion of the glove. These gloves work. I am a lifetime customer. Thank You.

William M

The Pro Air Grip Glove has done wonders for my golf game, and the people around me. I have always had a very tight grip on the club which has potential to create a lot of problems in the swing. With the Pro Air Grip, I do not have this problem anymore. This glove has caused me to become more accurate, and has made me drop a few shots during my rounds. During lessons and club fittings I have had some of my customers test out the glove and they loved it. I even had one of my customers buy my demo off of me during his fitting. This product is a heck of a product and will be improving amateurs’ golf games for years to come..

Garret G

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

pro air grip golf glove

How Grip Affects Your Swing & Score

The ProAirGrip golf glove technology was designed by an avid amateur golfer who was holding his grip too tight, which would block the ball to the right. This technology helped with the problem.

 Our newly patented technology enables you to hold the club with a lighter grip. With a relaxed and lighter grip, you will see more distance, better control and accuracy. Watch our video to see how the Pro Air Grip gives you the advantage.


The ProAirGrip Difference

Pro Air Grip Golve Gloves

Hit The Ball Farther, Straighter and More Consistently
Improve Your Game Today

Pro Air Grip Golf Gloves

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